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Functioning of a Plasma Analysis Centre & Imaging Solution (PACIS)

  • Modern medicine relies on the combined medical and scientific skills of the pathology laboratory to assist in the investigation and management of a patient's illness.
  • Pathology forms the base on which the treatment of the patient can be administered. The pathology laboratory must produce accurate and reliable results quickly in response to their colleagues' requests. The modern pathology laboratory is a complex operation that relies on the skills and teamwork of many people to ensure that each patient and doctor receives the best service with the highest quality possible.
  • The pathologists, with their blend of medical training and specialised training in the science and discipline of pathology supervise the laboratory investigations as well as consult often with the patient's doctor. The modern pathology laboratory also requires the skills of highly trained professional scientists and technicians, as well as various equally skilled support staff to ensure that investigations are performed efficiently and accurately.
  • Any pathology investigation starts with one or more specimens obtained from the patient. Doctors may collect some specimens, the laboratory can collect others. Pathology laboratories can examine a wide range of specimens including blood, urine, tissue, cerebrospinal and other body fluid specimens.
  • Once the specimen has arrived in the laboratory, depending on the tests requested, various expert departments might be involved in the investigation. Some tests are simple and can be performed rapidly, more complex tests can take days. Some tests can only be performed by highly specialised laboratories and the specimens may need to be sent interstate or even internationally to the appropriate laboratory.
  • Once the tests are completed and checked for accuracy, a report is sent to the patient's doctor.
  • Every aspect of our investigation is performed under an umbrella of strict quality control using the most advanced accurate and reliable equipment. The laboratory is organised into departments that can be called upon to contribute their specialised skills and knowledge to any investigation.
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